Galaxy S2 上網出現斷線問題!!!

2011-07-01 12:08

Galaxy S2 上網出現斷線問題!!!

搭Lift好多時在出Lift後3G訊號,之後都上唔到網,要按關機掣,開飛行模式, 再轉關飛行模式一次, 先可以上番網


Ericsson DH318 -> Nokia 6150 -> Nokia 8210 -> Ericsson T68 -> Sony Ericsson T630 -> S
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me, too.
But no need to go "Air plane Mode" , you can go to Setting > Wireless & Network > Mobile Network (at the bottom) > untick the box "Data Enable" & then tick the box again       ..........   much faster than using Air plane mode
And I'm using the app "power control plus" just like "quick setting", and set the widget on desktop can directly go to Enable Data & Disable Data!
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I am using "Three". It's not connecting good most of the time even though a "+" sign is attached to the "H"...
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you may check any flash on the arrow under the H+, if no or always show 3G instead, you should follow the step I said before, untick the "Data Usage" & then tick again to recover it.
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you may check any flash on the arrow und... 恕刪

confirm that you are right...still no fix from xda-developers?
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